I have been in the architectural arena for 12 years and counting. Brought to the field by a love of architecture and art, I have been fortunate enough to bring the two together into a career that I love.

I earned my chops working for an internationally renowned architecture firm in Seattle. Being fortunate to work with some amazingly talented and generous designers, I was able to learn most of my craft on the job. My love for design and a knack for picking things up quickly allowed me to thrive in a creative environment.

Because much of my design skills were being hammered out on the computer I wanted to make sure my expertise was rounded out with the fine arts. I started taking classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center  . . .  Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, anything that would help me learn the fundamentals of how and why successful design works. These classes have informed my work, honed 'my eye' and opened my mind in countless ways. They have made me a better designer, renderer and storyteller.